What can we offer you?


Providing 24/7 access to the workspace (24 hours, 7 days a week)


Astana Hub has workplaces and offices in pavilions C4.6, C3.5


Providing round-the-clock access to booking meeting rooms

Service cost per month

Service package for 1 person:


24/7 access to the workspace

Access to venues for public events

Provision of preferential access to Partners' services

Receptionist services (receiving incoming correspondence, meeting and greeting guest etc.)


Participants of Astana Hub

For 1 (one) service package - 60,000 tenge per month


Participants of Astana Hub

For residents purchasing more than 50 service packages within 1 (one) month - 50,000 tenge


Non-residents of Astana Hub

For other interested parties for 1 (one) service package for 1 (one) month - 80,000 tenge

Этапы программы

  • Online registration

    Applications for participation in the Program are accepted on the Technopark Platform

  • Selection process

    • Screening of applications for participation in the Program
    • Consideration of applications for participation in the Program by the Commission
    • The Technopark sends notifications to the Applicants about the decisions taken by the Commission through the Platform
  • The process of concluding a contract

    • The Office initiates the process of concluding an Agreement with the Applicant
    • Technopark concludes an Agreement for the provision of Services under the Program with a Potential Participant of the Program, in the manner and terms determined by the internal regulatory documents of the Technopark


  • Who is a permanent member of AstanaHub?

    Astana Hub participant - a legal entity - a resident or non-resident of the Republic of Kazakhstan, deriving income from the implementation of priority activities and registered as a participant in Astana Hub, who has received the appropriate certificate, which has the right to use the services of Astana Hub, the right to receive tax benefits, simplified visa regime and other benefits provided by the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

  • Who is a member of AstanaHub?

    The list of documents required for registration as a member of Astana Hub is presented in the "Documents" section.

  • How long is the program?

    Contracts are concluded for a period not exceeding 6 (six) months

  • How to extend the term of the contract?

    The basis for extending the term of the Agreement is the application of the Program Participant to extend the term of the Agreement, sent 15 calendar days before the expiration of the current Agreement




Business Center EXPO

55/8 Mangilik el str.

Pavilion C 4.6