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What is innovation?

An innovation is a new or improved result of innovation in the form of a product (product, work or service) that has become available to potential users, or a process put into operation that provides competitiveness and comparative advantage in contrast to previous products or processes. Thus, a common feature of innovation is implementation. A new or improved product is introduced when it is placed on the market. New production processes, marketing methods or organizational methods are introduced when they are actually used in the activities of the company.

Types of innovation

Product innovation

introduction of a product or service that is new or significantly improved in terms of their properties or methods of use, and also includes significant improvements in technical characteristics, components and materials

Process innovation

introduction of a new or significantly improved method of production or delivery of a product and includes significant changes in technology, production equipment and (or) software support

Marketing innovation

introduction of a new method of marketing, including significant changes in the design or packaging of the product in its warehousing, promotion in the market or in the appointment of sales prices

Organizational innovation

introduction of a new organizational method in the business practice of enterprises, in the organization of jobs or external relations

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Innovation statistics for 2020:

11,5 %

Innovative activity of enterprises

777.17 billion tenge

Cost of technological innovation

1,715.5 billion tenge

The volume of manufactured innovative products

2,43 %

Share of innovative products in GDP

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