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Scale up your startup and enter an international market!


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How can International Agents help startups?

The International Agent can provide the following services:

* The commercial terms of cooperation between Astana Hub residents and International Agents should be mutually determined.
Astana Hub is not liable for any terms agreed between a startup and an International Agent.

Market Analysis

provides market insights on economic, business, social, and cultural competence of the countries of interest

Strategic Networking

connects startups with potential clients and/or investors
in foreign country


expands networking by introducing you to venture funds and accelerators in the international community


provides valuable tips and hints on the development of your project in the foreign market

Steps to connect with International Agents 

Connect with an International Agent 

  • Apply

    Application review
    (3-5 days)

  • Cooperation with an International Agent

  • Provide feedback

Become an International Agents


Acting as an International Agent - you will make a unique contribution to the success of a startup!


Become an International Agent



Benefits for International Agents

Network expansion

introduction of startups to venture funds, accelerators, government agencies and other International Agents

Professional skills

boosting competence in the IT and venture capital industry

Personal branding

promotion of personal brand in the global IT community

Extra resources

opportunity to work with startups on mutually beneficial cemmercial terms

Steps to become an International Agent

  • Apply

  • Application Review 

  • Interview

  • Sign an agreement with Astana Hub

  • Profile publication on the platform

Qualification Requirements

  • Work experience

    Relevant professional background and expertise in aiding startups and businesses in attaining growth within a specific targeted market

    *Residing in the target market offers the International Agent a distinct advantage

  • Networking

    Established business relationships in the IT and venture capital industry in a foreign market

  • Soft skills

    Effective communication skills and ability to create long-term relationships with potential investors, partners and clients

Frequently asked questions

  • Who is an International Agent?

    An International Agent is an expert acting on behalf of Astana Hub, providing support and advice to scale IT startups abroad.

  • How can International Agents help startups? 

    Depending on their experience and the startup's request, an International Agent can:

    ✓ advise and share information about the target market, its economic, business, social, and cultural features;
    ✓ introduce the startup to the international IT community;
    ✓ introduce the startup to potential foreign investors/ venture capital funds/partners;
    ✓ assist the startup in finding potential customers in the target foreign market;
    ✓ connect the startup with narrow experts such as tax, legal, and financial services;
    ✓ provide mentoring assistance.

  • What are the terms for receiving the support of the International Agent? 

    The terms of cooperation between startups and International Agents are carried out on mutually agreed commercial terms. Astana Hub is not liable for any terms agreed between a startup and an International Agent and serves as a mediator and holder of the program.

    *Collaboration between Astana Hub and the International Agent is carried out free of charge. 

  • Who can get support from International Agents?

    Astana Hub residents and startups participating in Astana Hub programs who:
    - have reached at least the MVP stage;
    - have existing sales and working products;
    - wish to enter a foreign market;
    can submit a request for support from an International Agent.

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