Invest Day

A place where a startup can attract investment and an investor
Select a suitable project and find a co-investor

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What is Invest Day for?


For Startups


1. To attract Investments
Invest Day will give the top 10 startups the opportunity to find
investors and get financial support.

2. To sharpen skills
The event is a great platform to prepare
pitch deck (presentation) with individual tracker.

3. Get informational support
Invest Day will be covered in the media and participants will be able to
to announce themselves to a large audience.

For Investors


1. Get access to projects
The top 10 investment-attractive
technology startups.

2. Find a co-investor
Investors will be able to diversify risks and invest
together in a syndicate.

3. Hold "Deep Dive" sessions
Investors will be able to hold individual meetings with the projects they like.

How does the process work?

  • 01

    Accepting applications from startups 

  • 02

    Selection of stratups by an expert committee

  • 03

    Invest Day (3 minutes for project presentation and 3 minutes for Q&A session)

  • 04

    Inviting the best projects to Invest Day

  • 05

    Consulting with a professional tracker to prepare a pitch deck (presentation)

  • 06

    Invest Day (3 minutes for project presentation and 3 minutes for Q&A session)


What are the requirements for participating startups?

Availability of a technological solution

Availability of a working product (MVP)

Availability of first sales

There are no restrictions on the scope of the startup

Investors and partners

Quest Ventures

One of the leading venture capital funds in Asia

MOST Ventures

Kazakhstan Venture Fund Focused on Startups from Central Asia


Kazakhstan Club of Business Angels


Ukrainian venture capital project management and syndicated investment company


Venture Investors and Business Angels Club

Shanyraq VC

Entrepreneurial Investment Club

UMAY Angels Club

Central Asian Investors and Business Angels Club


Investment Holding

Venture Rocket Eurasia

An investment platform that connects startups and investors

Startup Network

The World's Largest Pitching Competition for Startups

The Untitled Ventures

The World's Largest Pitching Competition for Startups


Anuar Seyfullin

CEO Club Business Angels QazAngels

I take part in Invest Day events from Astana Hub with interest, there is an opportunity to look at new companies and solutions, listen to investors' opinions. I wish further success to the Hub team and more cool deals!

Mirat Akhmetsadykov

Managing Partner at MOST Ventures Fund and CAAI Club

Invest Day organized by Astana Hub is on the one hand always qualitatively selected projects and on the other hand, experienced active investors. I advise all parties to actively participate, and not to miss the opportunity to become part of the great venture capital story from Kazakhstan.

Alina Abdrakhmanova

Co-founder of the IN-VR project

We, the startup IN-VR, took part in Invest Day, organized by the Astana Hub. This was a new experience for us, and we would especially like to note that there were many investors at this event, not only from Kazakhstan, but also from abroad.
The level of organization was very high, as was the level of preparation of the startups. We gained a tremendous amount of experience and learned a lot of lessons, and immediately after the event we already had our first individual inverter call.

Arman Barmenbaev

CEO of crowdfunding platform Proportunity

My name is Arman Barmenbaev, CEO of the crowdfunding platform Proportunity. I'm sharing my impressions about my participation in Invest Day. The first impression is, of course, excitement, and positive feedback about the product that you bring to the world. Invest Day is like a cold shower when you answer the questions of experienced investors and understand where you need to put the accents in your business in order to become even better. 

Startups of INVEST DAY 2021

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