High demand for specialists in the field of "No code"

By 2024, 65% of all vacancies related to development will be replaced by No/Low code programmers (Gartner)

"No code" is the future


"No code" is not a hype. This is the result of simplifying development, which began in the early 2000s with Wordpress and Shopify

No one business can do without "No code"

Knowledge of "No code" or the presence of specialists in the company will be a competitive advantage in the speed of business development

Ease of mastering "No code" tools


Mastering "No code" tools will take from a week to several months, instead of several years

Who can use this course ?

For novice startupers

For future freelancers

Product managers

What "No code" tool will you learn?

A completely new platform for creating web applications, marketplaces and CRM without code

               Block site builder with cool interfaces                      

A platform for creating websites and online stores

A platform for creating mobile and web applications that can be published in the App Store and Google Play

Automating the entire "backend" without a single code

Glide create applications and websites based on Google Spreadsheets, Excel or Airtable

Frequently asked Questions:

  • How much does it cost to take a "No Code" course?

    The training is absolutely free

  • How is the training going on the course?

    You take classes at a convenient time for you

  • What platform will the training be on? Do I need to install any programs?

    To complete the training, you do not need to install third-party programs and applications. The course will be on educational platform of Astana Hub.

  • What language will the course be held in?

    The "No-Code" course will be held in Russian. 

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Acceptance of applications from 8.07.2022 to 22.07.2022

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