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AWS Activate  

Optimizing performance, manage risks and control costs.

Build and scale with up in AWS Activate credits

The AWS Activate program provides startup founders with various business development benefits, including AWS loans from $5,000

Yandex Cloud Boost

Launch and develop IT projects with Yandex Cloud Boost

A program to support Astana Hub resident companies, which gives the opportunity to receive a grant of up to 2,400,000 tenge for 6 months for using the Yandex Cloud Cloud platform and other Yandex services for business on special terms (technical support, consultations, business tools)

Virtual hosting on servers in Kazakhstan

Free semi-annual access to hosting and Cloud VPS service. The Cloud VPS service will provide an IT startup with a stable and reliable platform for developing and hosting a project


We empower your business by taking advantage of the cloud technologies

We help companies adopt a cloud native approach to maximize the use of cloud technologies using DevOps/DataOps/MLOps practices

MVP Mono - packages designed for monolithic architecture for start-ups at the MVP stage.

MVP Micro - packages designed for microservice architecture for start-ups at the MVP stage.

More detailed

Richfit International LLP (Alibaba Cloud)

Richfit International LLP - official representatives of Alibaba Cloud in Kazakhstan

  • Cloud services (ESC, storage, database, containers, AICC, cGPU)
  • AIACC. cGPU - free features for a company in deep learning.
  • mPaaS - a platform for creating mobile applications
  • Alibaba Cloud Academy - Training/Certification Resources for Everyone.
  • ZStack is a virtualization software similar to VMware for those who have their own IT infrastructure.

Digital Ocean Hatch 

Hatch is DigitalOcean's global startup program to help startups grow and build in the cloud.

As part of Hatch, you'll gain access to: up to $1000 worth of DigitalOcean's cloud for 12 months and more.

Here's how to apply:

    • Create a DigitalOcean account at with your official corporate email address (required for security purposes)
    • Fill out the Hatch application form at Please mention that you are a part of the Astana Hub portfolio when prompted for a partner organization. 
    • In order to be eligible for DigitalOcean Hatch, startups must not have received previous DigitalOcean promotional credits and must not be existing DigitalOcean customers.
    • You have to Astana Hub participant

Grand Hector (EUROPAGES)

EUROPAGES is a specialized platform in the B2B segment, i.e. platform technologies, audience and keywords are focused on the specifics of B2B.

Benefits of working with EUROPAGE: 

  • - Direct access to the global B2B market
  • - Growing sales and attracting quality customers
  • - Your company is represented in the highest-margin markets in Europe and the world
  • - With EUROPAGES your company ranks in the TOP of Google search results in the buyer's language
  • - High return on investment
  • - All this makes EUROPAGES the most advanced e-commerce platform in the B2B market.
  • - Provision of a 5% discount on the Europages platform for participants of the international technology park "Astana Hub"


CORE 24/7 

CORE 24/7 —  is a team of outsourced SRE engineers that manage infrastructure and servers

We accelerate the creation of digital products and design applications that are used by more than 5 million users daily.

Since 2010, we have been developing new high-performance systems and improving the stability of existing software, tracking business metrics and improving monitoring systems, and providing our customers with 24/7 technical support.

Our DevOps engineers maintain over 450 applications, 1000 different systems and 100+ Kubernetes clusters simultaneously 

What we offer for Astana Hub participants:
- Free audit of product infrastructure and architecture
- 25% discount on services 
- 25% discount on training courses


Vonage, мировой лидер в области облачных коммуникаций, который помогает компаниям ускорить цифровую трансформацию, предлагая коммуникационные API для автоматизации взаимодействия с клиентами (SMS, Voice, In-App chat, WhatsApp, Video).

Vonage для стартапов. Что получают стартапы в рамках программы? Программа основана на 4 принципах:

1. Обучение - стартапы получат доступ к техническим ресурсам Vonage и кураторскому контенту, чтобы научиться использовать наши API и сэкономить драгоценное время.

2. Разработка - стартапы могут использовать наши продукты бесплатно в рамках предоставляемого пакета (до 2500 евро) и специализированных технических сессий-консультаций для создания MVP.

3. Поддержка - участники программы могут использовать ресурсы Vonage, адаптированные под их потребности, для решения стоящих перед ними задач.

4. Сообщество - стартапы присоединятся к нашему сообществу и получат возможность взаимодействовать с другими основателями, разработчиками и визионерами. 

Какие продукты предоставляет Vonage, вы можете узнать здесь.

Application procedure 

Application submission

The applicant submits an application form on the Astana Hub platform where it is then checked for formal compliance with the requirements

Application review

If incomplete information is provided, Astana Hub rejects the application and returns it to the email address specified in the application with comments. Application can be changed and resubmitted after Astana Hub returns it

Application proccessing

After consideration of the application, an email with the link to the parnter's website is sent on the email adress that was provided in the application form.

Access to the resource

After you registration on the website and the confirming your ID from a partner, you will be granted with the free access to the service

Who can access partner resources?

Astana Hub Members & Astana Hub Program Members


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