We will help you to promote export competencies,

select the target market and launch repeatable sales.

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    About the Scalerator program:

    An acceleration program to support the export of IT products, within which competencies are provided for the exit

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    Important dates:

    Acceptance of applications: until August 22, 2022
    Duration of the program: 3 months


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    Geographical markets for which
    competencies are provided:

    North and South America and Europe (including Turkey)


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    Thematic blocks
    of the educational program

    hypothesis and goals, analysis, product development, sales,
    marketing, scaling, organization of a strong team,
    compliance with regulatory requirements, introduction to investment, Pitch Deck

The program includes


Meetings with potential buyers with the participation of industry experts in the field of sales, marketing and business development in the IT industry.

Traction meetings

The process of individual work of the tracker with program participants. Tracking takes place in the format of a traction meeting, in which the work done is discussed, tasks and hypotheses are planned in an iterative mode.

Strategic sessions

An individual meeting with participants aimed at jointly developing a participant's scaling strategy, drawing up an individual action plan, assistance in choosing a target market and other issues.


The most interesting cases of projects will receive PR coverage on social networks and the Astana Hub platform

Individual expert consultations

Consultation provided by experts or industry specialists, is necessary for timely adjustment and elaboration of all components of the business model, financial model, financial metrics, engagement, etc.


Practical training sessions aimed at increasing the competence of participants in the field of IT export.

Benefits of participating in the Scalerator program

World market entries

Assistance in finding target customers and access to fast and effective promotion tools

Improving team competencies

Improving the competencies of key employees

Product adaptation and localization

Adapting a product for a new market to make the first sales

Networking and expertise

Personal meetings with international experts on entering target markets

Find new markets for your project!

The first step to export

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  ...if you have encountered these problems,

we will help you solve them on the Scalerator program!  

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Results of Scalerator 2021 participants during the program period

800 000$

the amount of sales and presales under the contracts of the participants


successful graduates of the program

322 000$

attracted investments

Results of Scalerator 2021 participants during the program period

    Yessen company

The rate has been raised from $5 to $30 per hour. Signed a multi-year contract with a Canadian company at a rate of $2,000 per month. The tools mastered during the program have been implemented.


Reduced expenses by 30%
Increased the conversion rate by 40%
Increase in payments - by 2 times

      Akhter Studio

The staff has grown from 30 to 50 people and can grow even faster. The average monthly turnover from December to March increased 4 times. During the acceleration, a contract was signed with an American company for $48,000 and a mobile development case was received in the portfolio.

Additional bonuses from Scalerator partners


AWS Activate combines access to the necessary tools, support from experts, as well as a grant of $ 5,000 for the use of computing power and other AWS services for 12 months.

GoHost provides free semi-annual access to hosting and Cloud VPS services.


A grant of up to 2,400,000 tenge for 6 months on the Yandex.Cloud platform, as well as assistance in promotion and much more.

qCloudy help companies apply a cloud native approach to maximize the benefits of cloud technologies using key DevOps/DataOps/ML Ops practices.

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  • What are the selection criteria for the accelerator?

    -Presence of a registered legal entity

    -Participation in the Program of at least 2 employees from the organization

    -Availability of a product with export potential

  • From what stage of revenue are businesses considered?

    Revenue is not the main selection criterion. It is mandatory to have a product that is potentially interesting to the countries of North and South America and Europe.

  • How do you help to enter the world markets?

    The program will include meetings with potential international clients, expert sessions and workshops on the export of products to improve the competencies of participants, as well as tracking projects to adapt the product to the international market.

  • What is the format of employee training?

    All events of the program are in online format. The program will include:
    -expert sessions
    -tracking sessions
    --masterminds for the formation of horizontal links between accelerator participants and the exchange of resources between them (expertise, contacts, etc.)

  • What is the list of experts?

    The list of experts will be available to participants who will get into the program. Experts will also be selected according to project requests.

  • How long does the program take place?

    The program will be held until the end of November.

  • Is there an opportunity to make investments based on the results of the program?

    The program includes meetings with private investors and venture funds. If an investor is interested in your product, an investment offer will be sent to you.

  • Is there an opportunity to make investments based on the results of the program?

    The program includes meetings with private investors and venture funds. If an investor is interested in your product, an investment offer will be sent to you.