Through self-development and self-realization, we create a team of ambitious, comprehensively developed and full of creative potential specialists building a centre to develop innovative projects in Kazakhstan!


Magzhan Madiyev


Jambul Makhmetov

Managing Director

Tanat Uskembayev 

Managing Director

 Aziz Tleumuratov

Managing Director

Daniya Akhmetova

Managing Director

Aziza Kudabayeva 

Director of Executive Office

Madina Abylkassymova

Director of Infrastructure Development Office


Irina Semenchuk 

Director of PR and Marketing Office

Zhanerke Yegeubayeva 

Director of IT Products Office

Shokan Abilkhassimov

Project Office Director

Olga Izmailova 

Director of Events Office

Beibut Tuzelbayev 

Director of Financing Programs Office

Yerbol Akhmetov 

Director of Business Programs Office

Zhansaya Kalybekova 

Director of Participants Registration Office

Madi Tazhikenov

Director of International Relations, Investments and Exports Office

Aida Dusova 

Director of Regional Development Office

Raiymbek Nagashybay 

Head of Technical Support Service

Gaukhar Myktybayeva 

Acting Head of Quality assurance Service

Kanat Kassymbekov

Acting head of Participants Support Office

Daulet Beimurzinov 

Director of Education Programs Office

Aliya Daulbayeva 

Director - Chief Accountant of Finance Office

Assel Smailova 

Director of Legal Affairs and Procurement Office

Aidana Bergazdenova

Product manager

Dariga Apeisova

Head of the Monitoring Service

Valeriya Tyo

Director of the Office of Corporate Innovation