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Тип задачи

Задачи ИКТ

Сфера применения

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Mobile app

Communication devices, sensors

Problem description

Increasing dynamics of TB incidents • Lack of security systems in transport and machinery • Lack of control over driver fatigue • Lack of video recording

Expected effect

Troubleshooting, process digitization

Purpose and description of task (project)

- Personnel movement monitoring system - a personal tracker with an SOS alarm button that sends a signal to the dispatcher - A system for monitoring the proximity of an employee and equipment, signaling both the driver / operator of the equipment about the presence of a person nearby, and the employee that the equipment is nearby - DVRs for mining equipment with a large amount of memory for recording - Driver fatigue monitoring system. A camera aimed at the driver captures the moments of falling asleep, smoking, using a cell phone, and being distracted from the road. When detected, it notifies the driver himself and transmits data to the control room