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Задачи НИОКР

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Chemical and petrochemical industry

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New production technologies

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The accumulation of deposits of mechanical impurities in the tubing, which leads to the retention of hydrogen sulfide in the pipes. Contamination of the Well Bottom Zone (WBZ), resulting in a decrease in injectivity and an increase in pressure in injection wells and reservoirs. Scale of the problem – influence on the entire cycle: pipes, pumps, valves, etc.

Expected effect

The quality parameters for the preparation of produced water for injection into injection wells do not meet the requirements of ST RK 1662-2007 “Water for flooding oil reservoirs. Quality requirements." The content of mechanical impurities is 75-173.5 mg/l for the entire period of operation of the HVSSM, with a norm of 15 mg/l. Since 2011 actual performance installation exceeds the design by more than 2.5 times 60 m3/h, with a design of 25 m3/h.

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Е. Mazbaev

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To maintain reservoir pressure (RPM), water order is used, initially technical water from water intake wells of the Albsenomanian horizon. Due to the increase in water cut in wells, the commercial water separated from the oil is purified at a water treatment plant and pumped through the RPM system into the formation. When pumping mixed technical and produced water, iron oxide sediment occurs, which leads to a discrepancy between the quality of water for flooding and the requirements of ST RK 1662-2007: The existing technological scheme of water treatment at the installation cannot ensure the appropriate water quality in accordance with the requirements of ST RK 1662-2007 (by content of mechanical impurities and petroleum products)