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Тип задачи

Задачи НИОКР

Сфера применения

Extraction and processing of hydrocarbons raw materials

Область задачи

Energy conversion and storage

Type of product

gas drying system

Problem description

Due to gas moisture, compressor motors fail and the entire installation stops once every 2.5 months.

Expected effect

Work under conditions of about 1300 cubic meters per day. For internal fuel needs, dry gas should be supplied with gas dew point parameters of -10°C in summer and -20°C in winter.

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Purpose and description of task (project)

At the gas preparation site of the field, after amine gas purification, the gas is humidified, which is used for fuel needs of compressor engines. Due to the high moisture content in the mixture, engine parts (valves, cylinders) fail. In this regard, additional drying of the gas is required.