Only RK

Price: 500000

Number of applications: 0

Making decisions before ...


Form of award

Payment for completing the MVP, making changes and releasing into production

Product status


Тип задачи

Задачи ИКТ

Сфера применения

Light industry

Область задачи

Internet of Things

Type of product

Software/ IS

Problem description

The freelance platform needs to be improved, with certain features needing completion while others need changes and more work. I’ll also attach a link to the back for your reference

Expected effect

We are expecting a team ready to get involved in the development and continue it. Devops knowledge is essential!

Full name of responsible person

Ким Марк

Contacts of responsible person


Purpose and description of task (project)

It is necessary to finalize the platform for freelancers, given that at the moment 50% of the finished product has been developed. It will be necessary to get involved in the development and, if necessary, correct what the developers managed to do before. It is important to pay attention to the functions already implemented and make sure that they meet all requirements and standards. Reviewing and refining existing code should go hand in hand with developing new features to ensure the quality and usability of the platform. The entire process must be accompanied by testing to identify and eliminate possible problems. The product link will be used to monitor progress and provide feedback from users.