Only RK

Price: 100000

Number of applications: 3

Making decisions before ...


Form of award


Product status

Finished product

Тип задачи

Задачи ИКТ

Сфера применения

Light industry

Область задачи

Other technological solutions

Type of product

Mobile app

web version

Problem description

You need the game as a mobile application or a web version.

Expected effect

A work game that users will play to get discounts

Full name of responsible person

Ким Марк Валерьевич

Contacts of responsible person


Purpose and description of task (project)

You need to create or are ready to consider a ready-made game like flappy bird. The character of the game will pass obstacles and collect bonuses. Bonuses can later be converted into a discount on a particular product. We are mainly considering budget options.