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Communication devices, sensors

Problem description

1. The complexity of conducting surveying work • Works and surveys are carried out manually • Increasing load as the section develops 2. Slow flow of information • Lack of monitoring systems • Paper workflow • Manual calculations and reporting 3. Low equipment of the telecommunications infrastructure • Radio relay channel • Wifi only in the camp and office • Lack of communication in the section • Inability to use IoT 4. Labor-intensive and fragmented planning and management processes • Lack of integrated planning and production systems • Human factor

Expected effect

Improvement of processes and elimination of the above problems

Purpose and description of task (project)

- Geodetic UAV (quadcopter) with a digital camera and lidar for aerial photography of the mine and building / updating 3D maps. The UAV must have a ground station for additional georeferencing accuracy. In general, the UAV must have performance comparable or superior to the DJI Matrice 300 RTK. - Software for building a 3D model of a mine, both based on a cloud of points and based on photogrammetry. The quality of the model obtained using photogrammetry should be high, the maximum error should be 4-6 cm. The software should have tools for mine surveying, carrying out the necessary geodetic calculations, and not just a 3D engine for visualization.