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Form of award

Comprehensive assistance in the implementation of the project in the following areas: 1) project packaging, 2) attracting financing, 3) conducting tight tests, 4) scaling sales, 5) entering international markets (MENA countries are a priority)

Product status

Not lower than TRL 3

Тип задачи

Задачи ИКТ

Сфера применения

Type of product

Software/ IS

Problem description

The current conditions of global oil and gas production are characterized by the depletion of easily accessible reserves, which makes it necessary to improve the methods and methods of extracting hydrocarbons from hard-to-reach deposits, as well as optimizing operating costs using digital technologies. Key areas: remote maintenance, seismic visualization, modeling of thermophysical processes, precession and robotic drilling, digital prototyping, monitoring of pipelines, modeling of emissions of pollutants into the atmosphere (the list of directions can be expanded).

Expected effect

We expect IT solutions that respond to existing challenges in the oil and gas industry (including through import substitution), have a significant market volume, and most importantly – real demand for the product being developed.

Purpose and description of task (project)

To create an innovative IT product aimed at improving the efficiency of technological processes of companies in the fuel and energy sector.