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Problem description

JSC "Financial Center", which is the operator of the authorized body in the field of science and higher education, providing monitoring and control over the compliance of young specialists trained on the basis of a state educational order (hereinafter referred to as the state order) with their obligations to work out or reimburse budget expenditures in case of non–work (hereinafter referred to as the Company or Operator), requests "Astana Hub" to assist in the implementation of the functions of the Operator. The Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan "On Education" (paragraph 17 of Article 47) establishes the obligation to carry out mandatory three-year, two-year or commensurate with the duration of training in the relevant organizations by citizens of the Republic of Kazakhstan who have studied in organizations of higher and (or) postgraduate education or scientific organizations on the basis of a state educational order. To date, the Company is monitoring more than 183,000 young professionals (for comparison: the 2012 graduation – 2,195 people, the 2022 graduation – 56,418 people). A significant increase in the number of young professionals, in respect of whom the Operator needs to monitor and control the development, the availability of the right to work out both in the public and private sectors of the economy, significantly complicate the procedure for obtaining reliable information about the place of employment and the exact periods of working out of young professionals. Information and explanatory work and claim work with young specialists is carried out by automated sending of notifications via SMS mailings and hybrid mail of JSC "Kazpost", through the use of telephone communication, e-mail, messaging through the application "WhatsApp", "Telegram" and other messengers. The namesake accounting of graduates who studied on the basis of a state educational order is conducted by the Company in the subsystem "Accounting of young professionals" of the information system "Accounting and monitoring of educational and student loans", integrated with some state databases, including the GBD "Individuals" of the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Despite the use of the above methods of interaction to collect the necessary information about employment and notify young professionals about the proper fulfillment of training obligations, achieving 100% coverage of graduates with relevant information remains an unrealized task.

Expected effect

100% coverage of monitoring and informing all young specialists trained on the basis of the state order about the need to work out in the shortest possible time.

Purpose and description of task (project)

1. Notifying young professionals about the need to work out by sending SMS mailings or other methods and options for notification using the latest information technologies. 2. Monitoring and control of employment and working out by the Operator by obtaining data on mandatory pension contributions and mandatory social contributions indicating the BIN and IIN of employers, actual and legal address.