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Тип задачи

Задачи НИОКР

Сфера применения

Chemical and petrochemical industry

Область задачи

New production technologies

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Problem description

When the reservoir pressure decreased below the saturation pressure, gas evolution began, and it began to break through to production wells, and the gas factor increased.

Expected effect

It is necessary to increase the reservoir pressure by injecting agents into the reservoir (gases, water). The initial reservoir pressure was about 300 atm, the pressure oil saturation with gas is 200 atm, current reservoir pressure is 180 atm.

Full name of responsible person

Е. Mazbaev

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Purpose and description of task (project)

During production, reservoir pressure began to decrease as fluid withdrawal increased. The pressure dropped below the saturation pressure of oil with gas, as a result of which gas began to be released from the oil in the reservoir, and therefore the gas factor in production wells increased (unwanted gas production has increased).