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For IT companies whose solutions/MVPs are recognized by the Expert Commission as the best - conclusion of an agreement for the implementation of the presented IT solution.

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Задачи НИОКР

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Metallurgical industry

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Other technological solutions

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Aktobe Ferroalloy Plant, №4. When operating ferroalloy furnaces, the lining of the bath casing is destroyed. This destruction of the lining entails major downtime to eliminate it. Currently, ultrasonic inspection of DC furnaces is used to assess the residual condition of the furnace lining. For 3 years, ultrasound examinations are carried out with the involvement of a contractor.

Expected effect

The application deadline is April 19. After the selection of applications, on April 24 there will be a visit to the location (Aktobe, Aktobe Ferroalloy Plant) to collect additional information and visually familiarize with the case. You are given 1 month to resolve the case. On May 24, a presentation of solutions and selection of a winner is planned.

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Сауя Сейпенова

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Propose a rational engineering solution.