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For IT companies whose solutions/MVPs are recognized by the Expert Commission as the best - conclusion of an agreement for the implementation of the presented IT solution.

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Тип задачи

Задачи НИОКР

Сфера применения

Metallurgical industry

Область задачи

Other technological solutions

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Software/ IS

Problem description

Lack of automation of the bed measurement process

Expected effect

process automation

Full name of responsible person

Сауя Сейпенова

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Purpose and description of task (project)

At a certain period, to summarize the balance of the metal, surveyors carry out work to measure the “bed”. The measurement is carried out by weighing the ingots with screenings, and the “bed” is also measured separately after collecting the ingots. As a result, the amount of adhering screenings is subtracted from the initial values of the made “bed” before releasing the metal. The task is to automate the entire process