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30 млн тенге

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Задачи ИКТ

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Type of product

Mobile app

Problem description

Amendments that allow insurance companies to participate in the state educational funded system (GONS) have come into effect in Kazakhstan. This program allows you to accumulate funds that citizens will be able to spend on paying for a child's vocational and higher education in Kazakhstan or abroad. Now four banks are participating in it, 22 thousand educational deposits have also been opened for a total amount of about 33.5 billion tenge. In this regard, there was a need to accumulate all the offers of insurance companies in one place for the convenience of decision-making for parents and their guardians. The involvement of the owners of educational institutions in the process is welcome.

Expected effect

We expect the enthusiasm of the population for this product in order to save money for the education of children in the future. The product will withdraw commissions from each concluded transaction through the application.

Purpose and description of task (project)

Development of a mobile application for parents and owners of children's institutions to attract children (clients) to insurance companies participating in the state educational funded system (GONS). Obviously, presenting the difference between the offers of insurance companies so that the parent can choose between them, also order the service at the first time, at the second stage making out the entire package of documents online.