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Тип задачи

Задачи НИОКР

Сфера применения

Metallurgical industry

Область задачи

New production technologies

Type of product

Upon completion of the work, the Contractor shall submit a reporting document in the form of the Innovation Project Report, which shall contain: ● justification, conclusions, calculations and recommendations ● economic assessment of the feasibility of the industrial equipment/installation; ● feasibility study of the developed technology/technological parameters; ● plan of pilot tests; ● review of the innovative project; ● complete information on the nature, brand, manufacturer of the applied equipment; ● analytical report of the market review and conducted literature analysis; ● developed technological regulations; ● design and construction documentation of devices, mechanisms, equipment The final report should be accompanied by the Acts of completed works and calculation of the local content share.

Problem description

Currently, metallurgical and condenser grade tantalum metal powders of non-spherical shape are produced. Metal powders from niobium, beryllium ingots and/or their alloys are not produced as commercial products. The growing demand for 3D printing materials allows us to consider the possibility of obtaining new commodity products (metal powders of spherical shape) with high added value. Studies on the development of technology for obtaining metal powders with the required characteristics for 3D printing (spherical shape) have not been previously conducted on the basis of the Customer.

Expected effect

As a result of the claimed innovation project the following results are expected to be obtained: - analytical review of promising types of metal powders from tantalum, niobium and/or their alloys using spheroidizer; - analytical study of consumers of spheroidized powders and areas of application; - developed technology for obtaining spheroidized powders; - dependencies of the main operating characteristics of the equipment - spheroidizer; - determination of working technological modes of obtaining spheroidized powders on the spheroidizer; - selection and justification of the basic technological scheme of processes for obtaining metal powders of tantalum, niobium and/or their alloys, which are the most economical and environmentally friendly; - developed design and estimate documentation; - developed feasibility study (FS);- samples of spherical metal powders for 3D printing made of tantalum, niobium and/or their alloys powders; - determination of markets for these products; - international certification of the obtained samples; - selection and manufacture of pilot or industrial equipment necessary for the creation of a production site with a full cycle of production of spherical metal powders for 3D printing; - registered intellectual property objects (patents for the developed technology, utility model, etc.) for the Customer. In case of obtaining positive results, upon completion of the innovation project, marketing, tested technology, passed laboratory tests, can be recommended for pilot testing on the basis of the Customer in order to increase profitability and maximize the level of business diversification. In case of negative results at any stage of the innovation project, the work shall be terminated and relevant reports shall be drawn up.

Full name of responsible person

Rashev Sabit Dosmaganbetovich

Contacts of responsible person


Purpose and description of task (project)

1) development of technology for production of spherical metal powders from tantalum, niobium and/or their alloys. 2) determination of feasibility of organization of industrial production of spherical metal powders from tantalum and niobium on the basis of the Customer.