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Form of award

post-payment agreement, cashless payment

Product status

Finished product

Тип задачи

Задачи ИКТ

Сфера применения


Область задачи

Other technological solutions

Type of product

Software/ IS

Mobile app

Problem description

One of the key problems facing FINCA Bank CJSC is the need to update and improve its technological solutions to ensure competitiveness in the financial services market. Nowadays, customers are increasingly using mobile and web applications to manage their finances, and the bank must meet these expectations by providing modern, reliable and convenient tools for working with banking services.

Expected effect

Updating the remote banking system, creating a unified platform

Full name of responsible person

Самат Мамытов

Contacts of responsible person


Purpose and description of task (project)

CJSC FINCA Bank announces a tender to select a supplier to purchase services for individual development or purchase of a ready-made solution for remote banking (mobile and web applications of the bank), intended for use by both individuals and legal entities. The Bank strives to provide customers with modern and convenient technological solutions that allow them to conduct account transactions, manage finances and receive information about banking services through mobile and web platforms.