14 Kazakhstani Universities Introduce Technological Entrepreneurship Course in Kazakh Language for the First Time

Starting from this academic year, the technological entrepreneurship course will be integrated into the curriculum of 14 Kazakhstani universities as a mandatory or elective subject for undergraduate programs. As part of the Startup Academy program, Astana Hub, an international technopark, organized a training session free of charge, where 37 instructors received training, exchanged experiences with experts, and agreed on the course content.

The training lasted for 36 hours. The program includes an online course in Kazakh and Russian languages, teacher training, provision of methodological guidelines for implementing and organizing the technological entrepreneurship course in universities, research on international courses on technological entrepreneurship, and updating educational programs to create a relevant curriculum.

A methodological guide for instructors has been developed, utilizing a project-based approach and mentorship. In the case of the entrepreneurship course, the project-based approach involves students step-by-step creating their own startups using the methodologies based on Eric Ries' Lean Startup and Steve Blank's Customer Development. Both approaches have been refined through accelerators and tested with numerous startups.

In the project-based approach, the instructor serves not only as a knowledge transmitter but also as a mentor for student startups. This methodological guide will help instructors design courses of varying durations, such as for one trimester, one semester, or even an express variant for one week. In addition to teaching methodology, mentorship, and assignments for each session, recommendations on what to focus on during feedback are included.

"We hope that our collaboration with universities in all regions of Kazakhstan will become a significant driver for the development of IT startup culture and the preparation of technological entrepreneurs from the early years of student life," said Alina Abdrakhmanova, Managing Director of Astana Hub.

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