1818: Updated Phone Number for Astana Hub Unified Call Center

Astana Hub announces a change in the contact number for consultations. To better handle the increasing number of calls and improve interaction with the technology park, the Astana Hub call center now has a permanent number: 1818, replacing the temporary number 2222.

Astana Hub’s educational and acceleration programs are in demand not only within Kazakhstan but also internationally. Anyone wishing to relocate their business to Kazakhstan, young talents seeking to acquire new skills, and entrepreneurs aiming to bring their projects to the international market can receive the necessary advice by contacting the technopark call center.

“Our main goal is to provide maximum comfort and convenience for all Astana Hub participants, so we are constantly working to improve our services. Previously, the call center number was temporary, but now we have established a permanent one, allowing us to provide more stable and effective communication with participants and everyone interested in the ecosystem,” said Aziz Tleumuratov, Managing Director of Astana Hub.

Since 2021, the call center has received about 180,000 calls, all successfully processed. Most inquiries concern tax preferences, acceleration program conditions, procedures for becoming a technology park participant, office rentals, educational courses, opening a company in Kazakhstan, and the Tech Orda program.

To increase efficiency and optimize communications, the technology park operates a participant support office, which also manages the call center. The call center provides consultations on all areas of the technology park’s activities, records all calls, categorizes each request, and offers information and consulting support to applicants and participants. If additional information is needed, users are redirected to the appropriate Astana Hub offices. The call center also monitors compliance with the rules for processing incoming requests and collects feedback on the satisfaction levels of applicants and participants.

Users can contact the Astana Hub call center using the single number 1818 on weekdays from 9:00 to 18:30 Astana time.

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