Abzal Yergaliyev: Tech Orda Has Broadened My Horizons in Technology

Nowadays, there is a growing demand for IT professionals in our country. Information technology plays a significant role in our daily lives, and as a result, the importance of this profession is increasing. Therefore, there is a continuous influx of aspiring individuals into this field. However, to excel in this domain, constant development of knowledge and skills is essential.

In this regard, the Tech Orda program has been introduced to promote the growth of the IT industry in our country. This initiative is a collaboration between the Ministry of Digital Development, Innovation, and Aerospace Industry of the Republic of Kazakhstan and Astana Hub. The program aims to provide financial support for students pursuing education in the field of IT. Each student enrolled in the program is eligible for a grant of up to 600,000 tenge.

For more details, follow the link: https://atpress.kz/kk/news/atyrauda/abzal-ergaliev-tech-orda-meni-shiratyp-bilimimdi-shy-dady 

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