AI'preneurs: A New Accelerator for Creating Startups in the Field of Artificial Intelligence

The international technology park Astana Hub announces the launch of an acceleration program called AI'preneurs. This innovative initiative is designed to bring together talented individuals with a passion for artificial intelligence and foster the development of cutting-edge startups in this field. Applications for participation in the program will remain open until May 26th of this year.

The program welcomes developers, engineers, data analysts, product managers, and other IT professionals from across the globe. Held offline in the capital city of Kazakhstan, Astana, the program ensures accommodation for all participants from other cities and countries. Spanning over 4 months, it will feature educational sessions and personalized consultations with industry experts to nurture the development of new startup projects.

"In today's world, AI extends into various aspects of our lives, spanning from business to healthcare and education. AI'preneurs aims to facilitate the entire startup development cycle, from ideation to market success. Our program distinguishes itself by offering comprehensive support and guidance, with experienced mentors and coordinators overseeing project development. Participants will benefit from direct access to specialized experts, receiving tailored advice for their products. Moreover, we will equip teams with the necessary technical resources, including datasets and GPUs," said Yerbol Akhmetov, Director of the Astana Hub Business Programs Office.

The acceleration program comprises three key stages: team formation, engagement with the investment committee, and product development. During the initial stage, participants forge partnerships and assemble teams from chosen candidates. In the subsequent phase, these teams refine their startup concept, develop a prototype of their product, and present it to the investment committee. Successful projects receive funding to advance to the next stage, while participants unable to form alliances or teams whose projects do not gain approval from the investment committee may exit the program (or join other teams). In the final stage, startups focus on the comprehensive development of their product.

Team building activities, and workshops led by top experts on cutting-edge topics are offered to enhance networking. Additionally, to enhance startup efficiency, continuous access to the Advisory Board is granted for expert guidance, along with guest lectures and monitoring. For further details on the AI'preneurs program and to apply, please visit the link.

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обычно такие мероприятия даром не проходят, предусмотрены ли возможность для участия малоимущим?


Классная акселеряционная программа! Жду с нетерпением начало программы!


Amazing opportunities! I am applying for this programme!


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