DOMiNO Ventures Selects Top 10 Startups for Acceleration: 4 from Kazakhstan

DOMiNO Ventures, an international venture fund focusing on fostering the startup ecosystem in Central Asia and the Caucasus regions, has launched the BetterFuture AI acceleration program. This program has selected ten promising startups to participate, including four from Kazakhstan: ZebraEye, Aldente AI, Pleep, and Kale.

Alongside Kazakhstani startups, the program has welcomed projects from Georgia, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, and Kyrgyzstan as well. These include Acro,, Stemio, Unitlab Inc., Elara Technologies, and Arrival.

“The fact that the majority of startups accepted into the program are from Kazakhstan confirms the maturity of our startups. DOMiNO Ventures collaborates with over 50 global and local partners from eight countries, including Kazakhstan, where they entered the market under a memorandum signed with Astana Hub in 2023 during Digital Bridge. In March this year, Kazakhstani GoDays received $490 thousand in investments from DOMiNO Ventures, and today four of our startups will have the opportunity to scale their project within the acceleration program. We are pleased to see the results of our partnership”, - said Tanat Uskembayev, Managing Director of Astana Hub.

The comprehensive 8-week program, initiated on April 25, 2024, is geared towards nurturing creativity and fostering growth within the region’s rapidly advancing technology ecosystem. Its curriculum seamlessly integrates technical, business, and leadership training, equipping participants with the essential skills to compete on a global scale.

“Our camera interaction platform provides businesses with real-time communication capabilities similar to ChatGPT. Currently, over 30 companies eagerly await utilizing our product. We have already initiated pilot projects with five networks in Kazakhstan, including one encompassing 160 locations, and expanded to pilot projects with prominent networks in the United States. Joining the NVIDIA Inception program has been a recent milestone. Our main priorities now are product development and increasing traffic. Participation in the accelerator will help us tackle these challenges, especially with the opportunity to engage with experts. Additionally, we are preparing to launch a financial round and hope for support from DOMiNO Ventures during this pivotal stage,” explained Laura Taganova, CEO and co-founder of Aldente AI.

Participants of the BetterFuture AI program will have the chance to secure investment and connect with a broad network of investors keen on the innovative potential of Central Asia and the Caucasus. Upon graduation, they will also gain membership to the alumni network, providing them with lifelong access to ongoing support and opportunities.

The program receives support from esteemed educational network Westminster International University, along with key industry partners Creative Business Network and ABB Innovation Bank. DOMiNO Ventures actively collaborates with Microsoft, AWS, Astana Hub, IT Park, and SABAH HUB, offering startups tailored support that reflects regional dynamics. The fund concentrates on projects within the realms of AI, GameDev, and Web3.

For more detailed information about the BetterFuture AI program and its participants, you can visit the DOMiNO Ventures website.

Astana Hub is the largest technology park in Central Asia, aimed at creating and developing an ecosystem for IT business, training IT professionals, and supporting startup projects. Currently, 1,400 IT companies are registered in the technology park, with nearly 400 of them being foreign members. They receive comprehensive support, including business development and scaling programs, special tax and visa conditions, informational and educational support, as well as material infrastructure.

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