The accelerator of the Terricon Valley: 11 startups have made sales abroad The results of a joint project with ICRIAP and Astana Hub have been summed up.

26 Kazakhstan IT and digital outsourcing companies have passed the accelerator of the Karaganda IT hub "Terricon Valley".

Of these, 11 startups have made sales abroad. On average, the revenue of the acceleration program participants increased by 24%. Startups have created 81 workplaces.

The project was launched with the support of the Ministry of Digital Development, Innovation and Aerospace Industry of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the largest technopark of IT startups in Central Asia, Astana Hub.

The training program consisted of lectures, workshops and work with mentors and experts on the following topics:

-research of the target market and competitors;

-description of the target client's portrait and value proposition;

-product packaging for the customer;

-qualifying transactions and setting up a sales pipeline;


Workshop sessions with foreign experts were organized for the accelerator participants:

●Bill Kenny, an American specialist in entering the international market, rapid growth and increasing return on investment (ROI) shared his experience on how to launch a business in the USA;

●Scott McGregor, founder and CEO of Something New LLC, author of the books "Standing O!" and "Standing O! Encore", spoke at an open webinar on December 1 about the subtleties of hiring people in the sales department and working with foreign clients;

●John Harley presented the topic "How to sell to IT companies in the USA".

The best results of the acceleration program:

●Legend technologies — made the first export deal to Canada for $15 thousand for website development;

●Qmind — raised $72 thousand. The startup attracted a team of programmers, rented an office, and began developing its product;

●Local pay — went on sale from 0 to 92.5 thousand rubles;

●IP "Akhkomov" — reduced the transaction time from 1 year to 2 weeks, made 3 sales of the product;

Nobel — increased profits by 20%, started working in the field of telemedicine;

●CVETOgis — increased profit to 6 million tenge. We hired a marketer and a targetologist. Opened in 3 new cities;

●SMM laboratory — sales of 750 million tenge per year have been launched. The profit for the first sales amounted to 350 thousand tenge;

●Datcom — sales growth by 400%, launch of product certification on the Russian market.

Within the framework of the project with ICRIAP and Astana Hub, the Karaganda IT hub “Terricon Valley” for startups and IT companies also conducted incubation and entrepreneurship support programs.

Incubator: 93 teams have passed to participate in the project, 77 startups have completed training, 14 teams have made sales. The incubation program Demo Day was held on December 22, where 20 teams presented their results for 6 weeks of training. The jury of the competition has determined the 3 best projects that will receive starting sums for the development of their projects.

-1 place — Kaliyeva Aida, a prize of 70 thousand tenge;

-2 place — Menshikova Alexandra, a prize of 50 thousand tenge;

- 3rd place — Maria Sokolova, a prize of 30 thousand tenge.

In addition, 41 students will receive incentive prizes: certificates for the purchase of equipment with a nominal value of 5 to 15 thousand tenge.

The best results of the incubation program:

●Ekaterina Illarionova's project — 46 sales, the number of jobs increased by 4, the MVP stage was reached;

●Mukhanbetrakhimov Aslan's project — signed an agreement with three clients to conduct a pilot launch of the service, entered the sales channel;

●Maria Sokolova's project — a startup received information about a free sales channel that made it possible to make the first sale in the USA;

●Akhtoiken's Zuhra project — conducted by CustDev of the product;

●Alexandra Menshikova's project — a startup has worked out the screens of the prototype application and tested them on users;

●Vladislav Lukanin's project — from the idea to the developed concept of the project, now the creation of an MVP product is in the works;

●Akzhola Brtai project — a minimal version of the product has been created.

Alexander Doroshenko, founder of the technopark "Terricon Valley": "I was lucky that I was born, studied and started working in Karaganda. The history of the city's development confirms that Karaganda has launched a large number of talented specialists and has strong resources in the face of technical universities and colleges, which to this day train good personnel, including in the IT field. We, in turn, have set ourselves the task of developing the ecosystem in Karaganda.

We started to actively develop the "Terricon Valley" project in 2017. During this entire period, we held events at our own expense, conducted activities on social networks, trained students and specialists for free, and also launched a local association of IT companies. And in 2020, we realized that there was a need to launch our own space for regular events and coworking. We understand how to make this project economically viable, but this requires support for the first few years from the state, in the form of work orders.

I would like to thank the leadership of ICRIAP, Astana Hub and the Karaganda region for supporting us in providing an order for the accelerator and incubator."

All participants of the international technopark of IT startups Astana Hub receive tax preferences. Such a measure of state support allows IT companies to reinvest the saved funds in the development of their projects.

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