Alikhan Smailov: Astana Hub has become not only a local but also an active regional player

Kazakhstani Prime Minister spoke at the plenary session of the Digital Almaty 2023 international forum and said the Astana Hub has become an example of a platform for the international partnership.

On February 3, during the plenary session of "Digital partnership in a new reality" within the framework of the fifth anniversary Digital Almaty forum, there was discussed the elimination of digital barriers between EAEU countries, the introduction of innovative solutions in trade and other sectors of the economy, as well as key global technological trends.

In his speech, the Prime Minister of the Republic of Kazakhstan noted that currently, Kazakhstan is following the path of digital transformation of the state administration, which includes the implementation of FinTech and GovTech projects. According to his speech, thanks to the openness of the state and technological business, the country has achieved a high level of penetration of digital solutions into everyday life.

Alikhan Smailov added that the government of Kazakhstan is also transitioning to a qualitatively new concept of digital governance Invisible Government, which considers the person, his needs, and interests as the center of state policy. As a result, it impacts the implementation of proactive public services.

"One of the key approaches here is the multiplatform principle of service delivery. The government is moving away from the bottleneck model, giving businesses the opportunity to integrate government services into their own platforms and digital ecosystems. The benefits of this approach are obvious," said the Prime Minister.

In general, he noted that in recent years Kazakhstan has made significant progress in the level of e-government development. In the relevant UN ranking, the republic has improved its position, rising from 39th to 28th place (since 2018), and in the sub-rating of online services, it has entered the top 10 countries of the world, rising from 16th to 8th place.

According to him, a reliable platform for partnership is necessary to give a multiplicative effect to the development of IT markets of the EAEU countries.

"An example in Kazakhstan is Astana Hub. It has become not only a local but also an active regional player. Its institutional base in the form of preferences, programs such as Techpreneurs, and Google for Startups - have become real drivers of activation of the IT market. At the moment more than 1 thousand residents from more than 10 countries have created 16 thousand jobs exporting IT products," said the head of the government.


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