Prime Minister Alihan Smailov Visits Aqtobe IT Hub

During his visit to the Atyrau region, Prime Minister of the Republic of Kazakhstan Alihan Smailov was presented with the regional Aqtobe IT Hub, which plays a crucial role in the development of information technology and innovation in the region.

"In every city, there should be a center for the development of the IT industry, attracting urban and rural youth to learn and develop their digital skills. They should become the foundation for the digitization of our economy in the future. Without digital technologies, further development is already impossible," said Alihan Smailov.

Prime Minister of Kazakhstan Emphasizes the Importance of IT Development in Aqtobe Region

During his visit to the Atyrau region, Prime Minister of the Republic of Kazakhstan Alihan Smailov highlighted the creation of the international technopark, Astana Hub, in the capital of Kazakhstan. This hub provides unprecedented tax preferences and streamlines all administrative procedures to promote the development of the digital technology sector.

"We are already seeing results. Last year, we had over $300 million in exports from IT products and services. This year it's already $500 million. We expect that in just two to three years, we will reach $1 billion. Therefore, it is important to replicate this experience," noted Alihan Smailov.

The event was attended by the Minister of Digital Development, Innovations, and Aerospace Industry of Kazakhstan Bagdat Mussin, Akim (Governor) of the Atyrau region Eraly Tugzhanov, as well as Timur Turlubayev, the CEO of Freedom Holding Corp., a sponsor of Aqtobe IT Hub, and representatives of the local IT community.

"The experience of working in the regions is already showing positive results. In these hubs, young and talented entrepreneurs with ideas and startups at an early stage are nurtured. After training, they will have the opportunity for further growth, scaling, and acceleration in Astana Hub itself, as well as participating in partner business programs abroad," said Bagdat Mussin.

Regional hubs focus on developing innovative projects in their regions, preparing and training personnel in the IT field. They also create local IT communities, bringing together startups, investors, and mentors. During the incubation period of startup projects, training in entrepreneurship is provided, along with assistance in attracting investments, financial accounting, and PR support.

"The development of regional IT hubs is one of the priority tasks for Astana Hub. We have set a goal to open 14 regional IT hubs across the country this year. Currently, 8 regional IT hubs are already successfully operating," said Alina Abdrakhmanova, Managing Director of Astana Hub.

It is worth noting that, at the initiative of the Ministry of Digital Development, Innovations, and Aerospace Industry of Kazakhstan, with the support of Astana Hub and local executive bodies, IT hubs have been opened in 8 regions of Kazakhstan this year: Abai IT Valley (Semey), Kyzylorda Hub (Kyzylorda), Digital Jetisu (Taldykorgan), Zhambyl Hub (Taraz), Oskemen IT Hub (Oskemen), Jaiq Hub (Uralsk), Turkistan IT Hub (Turkistan), and Aqtobe IT Hub (Aqtobe).

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