Asia Business Conference: Exploring New Technologies and Regional Development Opportunities

The 18th Asia Business Conference took place in Berkeley, California, USA, featuring presentations by representatives from Silkroad Innovation Hub and Astana Hub on the development prospects of Central Eurasia.

The conference theme for this year, "Rising Asia: Shaping the Moment, Navigating Challenges and Opportunities," aims to explore and evaluate the impact of new technologies on economic and social progress in the Asia-Pacific region.

A significant focus was placed on the panel session titled "Emerging Tech and Entrepreneurship in Central Eurasia." During this session, speakers including Aset Abdualiev, CEO and founder of Silkroad Innovation Hub; Aidana Daulbay, international representative of Astana Hub; Sultonmurod Rasulov, chief representative of the North America region at IT Park Uzbekistan; Darsh Mann, head of business development at StartX; and Doszhan Zhusupov, CEO and founder of the startup CerebraAI, deliberated on the significance of developing and implementing artificial intelligence and large language models in the region.

"The Asia Business Conference is increasingly becoming a vital gathering for entrepreneurs and innovators aiming to expand their businesses in Asia. We're glad to have the chance to showcase Central Eurasia's potential on this platform and discuss opportunities for collaboration in new technologies and entrepreneurship," remarked Aset Abdualiev, CEO and founder of Silkroad Innovation Hub, a Silicon Valley platform for founders and startups from Central Eurasia.

This year's Asia Business Conference, held on April 6 at the prestigious Berkeley Haas School of Business, brought together leading representatives from technology giants such as Cisco, TikTok, Google, Amazon, Meta, and Alibaba. Additionally, experts in venture capital from Fusion Fund, EnvisionX Capital, Blume Ventures, and Intudo Ventures, along with distinguished professors from Stanford and UC Berkeley universities, were present.

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