Kazakhstan’s Space Startup Ranked Among the Best in U.S.

SpaceLab, a member of the Astana Hub international technology park, specializing in space technologies and developing solutions for the prevention of natural disasters and managing their consequences, is recognized as one of the best and most promising in California, the largest Pacific state of the United States.

SpaceLab was ranked among the top five startups in Palo Alto, the capital of Silicon Valley, according to the global F6s community. Alongside the Kazakhstani startup, the top five also featured space companies from India and the U.S.: Pixxel Space Technologies Inc., Geosite, Array Labs, and WindBorne Systems.

F6S is the world's largest marketplace for startups, offering access to funding, accelerator programs, jobs, grants, and various other opportunities. The platform hosts over a thousand acceleration programs and funds from across the globe. With more than 11,000 startups utilizing the platform, they have collectively secured $3 billion in investments.

“When we heard that we were ranked among the top space startups, I thought it was a joke. It's truly incredible because F6S is the world's leading network with over 2.5 million registered startups and founders. Currently, we are one of the few startups and young companies in Kazakhstan focused on space activities. Getting such recognition from the international professional community in a competitive and costly industry is a major motivational boost for us. It gives us added momentum for further development,” said Dauren Aubakirov, co-founder of SpaceLab.

“In 2023, after becoming a resident of Astana Hub, we started working on developing the concept of the Internet of Very Important Things: connecting personnel, computers, sensors, and controllers at critical facilities for the state and businesses. This includes tasks like monitoring precipitation and soil conditions in the steppe to predict floods. We’re genuinely pleased that our goal of providing our country with sovereign communications and strategic information has gained recognition internationally. This truly motivates us,” said Arman Bekembayev, CEO of SpaceLab.

SpaceLab offers a solution for reliable data transmission using satellite networks. Their Satellite IoVIT (Internet-of-Very-Important-Things) system integrates hardware and software components to facilitate the collection and transmission of data among specialists, remote computers, IoT devices, and the client's central infrastructure. One of its key advantages is its global coverage, allowing data to be transmitted from any location worldwide. Moreover, SpaceLab’s solution is highly compatible with a range of satellite networks, offering enterprises greater flexibility in their choices. The significance of this solution for the market lies in its ability to streamline processes across various industries and contribute to the country's economic growth.

As of now, SpaceLab is finalizing agreements with Kazakhstani organizations, such as telecommunications, mining, and medical companies, to initiate pilot projects. Their product has also garnered interest from African countries, with Ethiopia requesting a pilot launch. Furthermore, the team is actively pursuing opportunities to scale the project in the United Arab Emirates markets.

In 2023, SpaceLab accomplished significant milestones, including the successful completion of the intensive acceleration program in Silicon Valley called Hero Training through a partnership between Astana Hub international technology park and Draper University. This achievement led them to enter the top ten out of 100 teams globally. Additionally, the startup was honored with the title of "best innovative project" at the Space Tech Battle, held as part of the Central Eurasian Venture Forum in Almaty with support from the Ministry of Digital Development, Innovation, and Aerospace Industry of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Furthermore, SpaceLab secured an innovation grant from QazInnovations national development institution in Kazakhstan, received a Breakthrough Program Award from the American Plug and Play accelerator, and gained support from the Silkroad Innovation Hub in Silicon Valley. These recognitions and collaborations underscore SpaceLab’s growing impact and recognition within the global startup and innovation ecosystem.

Astana Hub is the largest technology park in Central Asia, aimed at creating and developing an ecosystem for IT business, training IT professionals, and supporting startup projects. Currently, 1,400 IT companies are registered in the technology park, with nearly 400 of them being foreign members. They receive comprehensive support, including business development and scaling programs, special tax and visa conditions, informational and educational support, as well as material infrastructure.

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