Astana Hub Monitors Compliance with Technopark Participation Conditions

In 2023, Astana Hub introduced a Monitoring Service, ensuring the adherence to contractual relationships and preventing non-targeted companies from participating in technopark programs. Quarterly, the Monitoring Service submits analytical data to the Ministry of Digitalization regarding the monitoring progress of company projects, assessing the feasibility of their continued participation in Astana Hub programs.

Astana Hub's Monitoring Service cautions participants against deviations from the List of Priority Activities in the field of information and communication technologies (ICT). Special attention is given to cases where participants, mistakenly assuming they can operate outside the List, enter into contracts intending to conduct separate tax accounting for objects related to taxation. Such actions contradict participation agreement terms and tax legislation regarding income extraction exclusively from priority ICT activities.

A negative case was identified where a company, registered in the tech park under the guise of an educational platform development project, was, in fact, selling equipment not meeting the criteria of in-house production. This is just one example of such violations.

Astana Hub offers participants recommendations to prevent deviations from the List of Priority ICT Activities:

  1. Companies should not sell third-party software products, such as antivirus programs, operating systems, etc.
  2. Companies should avoid providing consulting services in IT, servicing computer and peripheral equipment.
  3. Companies should not provide services directly to clients without using software and technical means, such as transport or medical services.
  4. Companies cannot sell goods that do not meet in-house production criteria, e.g., computers, laptops, sensors, etc. However, if the equipment is supplied as part of a hardware-software complex, including indivisible software and technical means, it does not constitute a violation.
  5. Companies choosing an IT-related field of study cannot derive income outside of IT, e.g., accounting or language courses.
  6. Participants in the tech park cannot generate revenue from developing and servicing information systems for government bodies, including subcontracting.

Astana Hub urges tech park participants to fulfill their commitment to operate and generate income within the List of Priority Activities and in-house production to avoid the risk of premature expulsion from the tech park and additional taxation.

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