Astana Hub Announces Recruitment of International Agents

The "International Agents" program is designed to help startups expand their influence in foreign markets. Applications are being accepted from experts in the field of IT entrepreneurship who are eager to contribute to the global development of the industry.

International agents are IT and business professionals representing the international
technopark of IT startups, Astana Hub, abroad. They provide consultations and
mentorship to startups, helping them overcome challenges in the international market.
Additionally, they facilitate the establishment of partnerships between the technopark
and foreign IT companies and investors.

Astana Hub is open to collaboration with international agents from all regions.
Candidates should have expertise in IT business or venture investments, as well as
experience in international markets and an extensive network of contacts.
To participate in the program, candidates must fill out a form via a provided link and
undergo an interview. The collaboration between Astana Hub and international agents is
conducted on a pro bono basis. However, the international agent and the startup may
work on mutually beneficial commercial terms. Astana Hub does not regulate the terms
of their cooperation.

"We are creating a unique platform where startups can meet and collaborate with
international agents, thereby opening doors to new opportunities and perspectives,"
explained Madi Tajikenov, Director of the Office of International Relations and
Investments at Astana Hub, during a live broadcast on the technopark's Instagram page.

Participation in the Astana Hub International Agents program offers a range of valuable
opportunities for startups. By consulting on the target market, you will gain insights into
its economic structure, business culture peculiarities, socio-cultural context, and main
trends, helping the startup to tailor its strategy to the specific requirements of the region.
Present your startup to the international IT community, using existing platforms for
experts, entrepreneurs, and investors. International agents will assist you in establishing
contacts with foreign investors, venture funds, potential strategic partners for funding
and business development, as well as clients and customers to expand your customer
base abroad. With mentorship support in the scaling process, you have the opportunity
to connect with niche experts in legal, tax, and financial fields.

"We reached out to an international agent in the USA with a request to enter their
market and make a Use case. During the process, we received an offer of partnership,
networking, a rough understanding of the market, and leads. At the moment, we have
started implementing our technologies with one company and are gathering data for our
subsidiary. Once we finish, we plan to launch in the USA," shared Aibek Nurtazaev,
CEO of and participant of the "International Agents" program.

To become a participant in the program, startups must meet certain criteria. In
particular, they must be residents of Astana Hub, have a developed minimum viable
product, and an aspiration to enter international markets. Interested startups need to
submit an application with a project description, specifying their target market and
required support. After reviewing the applications, successful candidates will be
connected with an international agent.

The Astana Hub International Agents program represents a significant step in the
globalization of Kazakhstani IT startups. Astana Hub offers unique opportunities for
growth and development within the international IT community, inviting talented and
ambitious professionals eager to contribute to the global IT sector. Visit the landing
page for more details and apply via the provided link: 

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