Astana Hub announces mobilization of startups to combat large-scale floods in the country

Residents of Kazakhstan's regions recently endured the most devastating floods witnessed in the past 80 years. Hundreds of individuals suffered injuries, and extensive areas sustained damage, necessitating urgent assistance and rehabilitation efforts.

As the epicenter of innovation and Kazakhstan's ecosystem, Astana Hub urges startups, developers, and technology firms to unite and propose innovative solutions to address the ongoing crisis.

By pooling our efforts and employing innovative approaches, we can devise the most efficient and swift responses to natural disasters, including rescuing individuals, lessening the disaster's impact, and reconstructing affected regions.

Astana Hub stands ready to lend support in implementing and scaling the most promising ideas. Additionally, we are committed to connecting participants with the expertise and resources essential for project success.

To participate in this crucial endeavor and contribute to resolving the crisis, kindly complete the form via the provided link before April 12.

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