Astana Hub will help IT companies to enter the international market

Every entrepreneur strives to enter the international market. Where can I find out the regional peculiarities of the country and adapt my product to the local market? How to attract investors and partners abroad? The answers to these questions are offered by Astana Hub with a new IT Expert Accelerator business growth and development program for technology companies.

What is interesting about the program?

Participants will receive individual consultations with a mentor with practical experience; sessions and workshops will be held where they will learn how to analyze the market, competitors, local market features and form their own scaling strategy;
For 8 weeks, international experts will hold mastermind sessions, board meetings, tracking meetings, educational workshops;
Also, IT companies, startups that will be ready to enter the target foreign market will receive support and support from international agents of Astana Hub.

A network of international agents around the world will help:

find potential clients and partners
organize meetings with investors to attract investments;
to understand the intricacies of legal processes;
assist in participation in international IT forums and exhibitions

Directions offered by IT Export Accelerator:

  • North America and Europe;
  • Southeast Asia;
  • Near abroad and the CIS.

Participants have the opportunity to apply for all directions, but according to the results of the screening, participants will work only in one direction selected by the selection committee.

How to choose a country for export? The mentors of the program will help in this. Together, you will compare countries by market potential, number of customers, economic and socio-demographic parameters of consumers, the level of competition and technology development, the cost of launching a project and the ease of doing business.

Criteria for the selection of Program participants:

Your IT product should be competitive and aimed at selling to foreign markets;
At least two employees of your organization must participate in the Program;
Know English at least at a conversational level;
You must be a registered legal entity
Export experience is welcome

Expand the boundaries of your startup with Astana Hub!

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