Astana Hub became a partner of the largest web service for hosting IT-projects GitHub

GitHub works with top investors, accelerators, and startup ecosystem leaders to help early-stage startups move from seed funding to unicorn status.

"GitHub is a social network for developers, and simultaneously the largest platform for open source projects. Allows too many unrelated programmers to store, share and develop projects. Thanks to this partnership, Kazakhstani developers, IT companies, and startups can get a free subscription to the Enterprise premium package," said Tanat Uskembayev, Director of the Office of Corporate Innovation and Digital Competence at Astana Hub.

The most innovative companies in the world, from Spotify to Slack are built on their web service. The social network for worldwide developers, GitHub allows startups not only to postcodes but also to communicate, make changes to each other, as well as follow the news of outstanding startups.

Extensive functionality allows programmers to integrate their repositories. To do this, GitHub provides a user-friendly interface showing each participant's contribution in the form of a tree.

GitHub helps startups plan, track, collaborate, build, test, and deploy software with a holistic and secure platform that scales with them. As part of GitHub for Startups, eligible startups receive up to 20 seats of GitHub Enterprise accessible for one year and 50% off in year two. Additionally, startups can access GitHub experts for office hours, live demos, and technical best practice sharing.

Astana Hub allows startups to become part of an interconnected community. An introductory session for a brief overview of GitHub Enterprise for startups will be announced later. 

Startups can apply for free access to Astana Hub's partners' resources via the link.

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