Astana Hub implements a product approach together with ProductStar

Online University ProductStar, the leader of the Smart Ranking rating for the first quarter of 2021 in terms of business growth in the segment of digital professions, held an educational module for the international technopark of IT start-ups Astana Hub.

The ProductStar specialists were faced with the task of organizing courses on creating IT products without No Code programming for the Astana Hub international technopark. The goal of the cooperation was to create an easy entry point into technological entrepreneurship so that the maximum number of students and entrepreneurs who do not interact directly with the technopark can create their own startups, digitize businesses, make landing pages, and assemble platforms.

No Code School is a program for developing prototyping and MVP (Minimum viable product) skills without programming. The ProductStar training lasted 2 months. The listeners got access to special online workshops: they consisted of materials on the study of relevant no-code tools for creating prototypes, landing pages, websites, mobile applications, chat bots and marketplaces.

Each lesson was accompanied by homework - they made it possible to assess the degree of assimilation of the material by the listener, as well as tests with which students could evaluate their knowledge. The tasks included both the creation of certain prototypes and tests with open questions.

“Demand for nocoders is growing at a fast pace. Knowledge of no-code or the presence of specialists in the company will be a competitive advantage in the speed of business development. Mastering no-code tools takes from a week to several months instead of several years,” commented Mikhail Karpov, ProductStar CEO.

“The task was to create a simple entry point to the startup ecosystem so that potential startups can test their hypotheses faster and not spend a lot of time on this stage. Thanks to our collaboration with ProductStar, we have created a huge amount of No Code content. This includes everything: Tilda, Bubble, Adalo, Integromat, Glide and many other tools. More than 700 participants have taken this course,” said Daulet Beimurzinov, curator of the program.

As a result of cooperation between Astana Hub and ProductStar, 1147 applications were received for two streams of the course with more than 850 listeners, 118 of which received certificates of successful completion of the program.


ProductStar is a leading Russian online university with expertise in product management, analytics and programming, No. 1 in terms of business growth in the digital professions segment in the Smart Ranking for Q1 2021. The company offers training courses on digital professions from top industry practitioners. Training on the ProductStar educational platform is based on applied cases of Russian and international companies.

The company provides educational and consulting services for businesses: conducting corporate educational programs, training specialists in technical specialties, developing an HR brand and assisting in hiring employees. The educational platform has individual courses in the areas of "Management", "Analytics", "Marketing", "Programming", as well as more than 50 specialized programs for corporate clients.

ProductStar is a co-organizer of the ProductCamp international community, which since 2011 brings together the best specialists in the field of product management in Russia and Eastern Europe.

The company was founded in 2018 by Mikhail Karpov (ex-CPO Skyeng, ex-VKontakte, Yandex) and Roman Abramov (Tinkoff Product Platform Director, ex-Product Director Carprice). Among the current teachers of the ProductStar school are speakers from Amazon, Booking, PayPal, Google, Yandex, etc.

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