Astana Hub has announced the launch of Startup Garage

Startup Garage is an incubation program designed for aspiring startups in the IT industry. The program is now accepting applications from IT projects in the MCI idea stage or those involved in MVP product creation.

The Startup Garage program, offered through Astana Hub, aims to support aspiring startups in prototyping and packaging their products, as well as setting up and expanding their sales channels. Additionally, the program seeks to assist startups in attracting venture capitalists and business angels.

"Global statistics reveal that only 1 in 10 startups survive for various reasons. While making mistakes and potentially "burying" a project is normal, it is advantageous to do so as early as possible to avoid wasting valuable resources such as time, money, and effort. If a market need and idea viability are confirmed, it is crucial to test various hypotheses of sales funnels and target audiences, develop the first MVP prototype, and attract investments. There are numerous techniques and approaches to project development that a startup must know, study, test, and customize. Astana Hub offers this education for free through the Startup Garage incubation program to startups in the MCI and MVP stages", - said Abay Absamet, Managing Director of Astana Hub, confirmed this in a recent statement.

The Startup Garage program, offered through Astana Hub, will provide participants with access to highly experienced trackers with a wealth of IT industry expertise. These professionals will assist participants in refining hypotheses and establishing priorities, as well as sharing their insights on customer attraction techniques without incurring financial costs.

In addition, the program will feature expert speakers such as successful startup founders, investors, and major IT players who will share their knowledge and tips on creating and developing a thriving startup. Participants will receive specialized support in areas such as Software, Edtech, Fintech, Medtech, B2B sales, and other relevant fields from these experts.

Upon completion of the Startup Garage program, participants will have a comprehensive understanding of the fundamental aspects of running a Tech-startup, including the development of a ready-made product and sales through a well-planned strategy. Moreover, the program provides graduates with the opportunity to present their projects to investors and venture capital organizations, whose combined funding amounts to over $300 million.

To be considered for the Startup Garage program, applicants will be assessed based on their initial application forms, screening evaluations, and diagnostic interviews. For additional program details and to submit an application, please follow this link.

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