Astana Hub has launched a program to prepare startups for scaling abroad

Last year, 94 Kazakhstani IT companies signed contracts and agreements worth $886 thousand and attracted investments worth more than $300 thousand. Such grandiose results in just 8 weeks became possible thanks to the Scalerator acceleration program from Astana Hub.

The first Scalerator thread was very successful. Today, companies are actively concluding contracts and negotiating with partners in the markets of Canada, the USA, Cyprus, India, Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, China, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Ukraine, Belarus. 

One of the participants of the program last year, Akhter Studio company, decided to try their hand at entering the markets of North America and Europe.  During the acceleration, the startup signed a contract for $ 48 thousand with a company from the USA and received a mobile development case in its portfolio.

“Since we passed the acceleration, our staff has grown from 30 to 50 people, the average monthly turnover has increased 4 times and we are confident that we have every chance to double these figures soon. Thanks to mentors, we understood how to properly build customer success processes and the quality of communication with the US market,” Admet Akhter, CEO of Akhter Studios, shares. 

Other participant, company - marketplace for online registration in beauty salons, after the acceleration was completed, signed contracts with Uzbek and Kyrgyz partners. Today, the startup is preparing to enter the markets of Vietnam and the UAE. In 2021 alone, users of the platform signed up for beauty services 4.5 million times through .

However, feedback from ecosystem participants made it clear that a huge number of promising startups are “flying” past the opportunity to go abroad due to the unavailability of just one or two “points” and a lack of expert support, and those who even got into the program faced certain difficulties. For example, the participants did not have time to adapt the product to the specifics of the market, the team was not ready to scale, there was a lack of “warm” contacts. This was the catalyst for the fact that the technopark team developed and prepared the PreScalerator program.

What is the difference between PreScalerator and Scalerator?

First of all, the fact that the participants will get a lot of theoretical knowledge, whereas Scalerator is more about practice than about learning. At PreScalerator, experts will help you determine the purpose of the project, identify the specifics of your product and make a market analysis. You will learn how to adapt the product to the peculiarities of a particular region, as well as establish “warm" contacts with prominent representatives of the IT sphere.

The main advantage of the program is that having received all the necessary theoretical base, each participant will be ready to move on to practice and scale their product already on the main program for going abroad - Scalerator.

What else is waiting for you on PreScalerator? Find out by following the link

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