Bagdat Mussin: These projects demonstrate not only technical genius, but also a desire to solve real problems

On April 13, a gathering of the IT community convened at the Astana Hub venue for a session with Bagdat Mussin, the Minister of Digital Development, Innovation, and Aerospace Industry of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The event focused on exploring avenues for ecosystem development and backing projects with the potential to not only transform the technology landscape but also markedly enhance daily life.

Among the participants at the round table, several unique and promising initiatives stood out, including Alaqan, Arlan Biotech, Cerebra, Higgsfield, Citix, Aardvark, SpaceLab, Grand Mobile, Indrive, O’Games, Flowsell, and Omnium.

"These projects exemplify not only technical brilliance but also a profound dedication to addressing tangible challenges. We delved into their achievements, hurdles, and potential for further advancement. Our ministry takes pride in supporting such innovative endeavors and actively advocates for their realization. We are committed to bolstering the export of Kazakhstani products and fostering a robust IT community. The development of these projects represents a crucial stride in this direction. Through our collaboration with innovative firms, we aim to enhance the well-being of our citizens and cultivate a conducive technological ecosystem," remarked Bagdat Mussin.

During the meeting, participants showcased their projects and accomplishments, engaging in discussions about their work outcomes and exchanging insights on overcoming challenges and obstacles. This collaborative exchange of experiences facilitated a deeper understanding among attendees regarding the development prospects of each project. Furthermore, it enabled the identification of shared trends and requirements within the innovation sphere, fostering a more cohesive and informed approach to advancing the industry.

Ministry of Digital Development, Innovations and Aerospace Industry and Astana Hub frequently collaborate to host such gatherings, fostering the advancement of innovation and technological entrepreneurship in the region. These initiatives facilitate dialogue between government officials and members of the IT community, offering a platform to address pertinent issues in industry development and explore solutions to bolster innovative growth and enhance the ecosystem.

Currently, Astana Hub boasts 1,455 registered IT companies, making it the largest technology park in Central Asia, with 403 of these companies having foreign involvement. The technology park's endeavors center around cultivating and nurturing an ecosystem for IT businesses, providing training for IT professionals, and offering support for startup ventures.

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