Beta Career is now on a new platform!

It is no secret that basic education is no longer enough in the 21st century, and new realities require new skills from us. While all your friends are listening to lectures via zoom, we invite you to stay ahead of the times with Astana Hub and study on the new Learning management system platform.

The LMS platform is a distance learning system where you can study courses in various areas, perform interactive exercises, take tests and track progress. We have combined a playful approach, the availability of materials and a variety of questions. At the end of the course, you will receive a real certificate. And all this without leaving home!

By the way, already on September 13 of this year, the 3rd stream of the Beta Career Program from Astana Hub starts on the LMS platform. If you are not yet in the subject, read on:

Beta Career is an intensive 10-day marathon hosted by Astana Hub, where experts in career consulting and career guidance prepare participants to interview for top companies. Anyone can participate in the program, whether it is a college or university graduate, an active specialist, or even a leader who wants to improve their level of effective interviews.

Marathon participants will learn:

  • compose a competent resume and cover letter that will “hook” the employer;
  • build proper business communications;
  • work on failures: develop your weaknesses and work out your strengths;
  • find suitable vacancies and correctly apply for selected positions;
  • effectively prepare for an interview: tips and techniques of all stages;
  • overcome internal restrictions and limits, stop being afraid of competition, uncertainty, failure and difficulties in the internship;
  • build time management.

Interesting? Hurry up and register using the link and be the first user of the new platform from Astana Hub!

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