Robot Battle in Asyq Atu and Arqan Tartys: A New Stage in Sports Development

The winners of the Republican Championship in Sports Robotics, KazRoboSport-2023, have been determined. During this competition, robots controlled by their developers competed in traditional Kazakh sports and games such as "asyq atu," "arqan tartys," "aq súyek," and Japanese sumo. A total of 214 participants from 20 regions of the country took part in the finals.

Since 2016, the Championship in Sports Robotics has been held annually, attracting over 4,000 participants from various regions of Kazakhstan. The spring qualifying rounds take place in all corners of the country. On November 5th, the final event was held in Astana, where winning teams from each category representing regional and city teams of national significance gathered.

"Our organization is based on public principles and does not receive financial rewards. Our main goal is to popularize scientific and technical creativity and enhance the prestige of engineering professions among children and youth. Additionally, we provide an opportunity to apply acquired knowledge in practice to solve relevant engineering tasks and work with modern technology. In parallel, we also focus on enhancing the qualifications of computer science teachers, as they bear the primary responsibility for teaching robotics. It's worth noting that all our events are conducted with the support of sponsors," said Ayzhan Zhekeyeva, President of the Kazakhstan Federation of Educational and Sports Robotics "KazRobotics."

All tasks are original developments by partners from the National Robotics Sports Development movement NatRoboCom and members of the "KazRobotics" Federation. Technical regulations are designed to assess skills in constructing and programming educational robot models for competition in terms of speed and accuracy.

The main audience of the championship includes children from rural areas. Yard teams, private robotics schools, and specialized lyceums and colleges also participate. "The championship promotes the activation of interest in innovation and advanced technologies, as well as the identification and support of talented young people. This competition is similar in spirit to sports competitions held in accordance with world standards and rules of Olympiads and championships, where robots created and programmed by people perform instead of participants. We are confident that such competitions can provide the country with a new influx of highly qualified scientific and technical personnel," noted Daulet Beymurzinov, Director of the Office of Educational Programs at Astana Hub.

As part of the championship, a Roundtable on Robotics Development was organized, featuring experts, and an exchange of experience among regional representatives of the Federation was conducted. The award ceremony for the winners took place at Astana IT University, where a career guidance event was also held by the university staff.

The organizer of the Republican Championship in Sports Robotics KazRoboSport-2023 is the Kazakhstan Federation of Educational and Sports Robotics "KazRobotics," with the main sponsor being the international technopark Astana Hub.

Winners of KazRoboSport-2023:

Arqan Tartys: 1st place - Myrzagali Amir, Aytbosyn Khamza, coach Samal Maratqyzy Serikova (Zhetysu Region); 2nd place - Zhandos Naurizbay, Orazbay Arsen, coach Rakhatsakenov Rahat Sakenovich (SKO); 3rd place - Dauletbai Nuraly, Nazarbaev Kaysar, coach Tengirbergen Nurbek Qayirgaliuly (Aktobe Region).

Aq Súyek: 1st place - Zholdas Berik, Qasymkhanov Khan, coach Khamitov Farrukh Erkhanovich (Turkestan Region); 2nd place - Pshenbai Abil Mansur, Temerbek Mariyam, coach Yeralin Aybat Meyrambekovich (Pavlodar Region); 3rd place - Satybaldy Abilmansur, Dauletbai Adilkhan, coach Kulbayev Marat Zhusupovich (Akmola Region).

Asyq Atu: 1st place - Kenzhebek Ayan, Tursynbai Aibar, coach Zhumagaliyeva Rakhat Muratovna (Zhambyl Region); 2nd place - Aitpaev Alikhan, Zhumazhan Madiyar, coach Aldabergen Doszhan Serikbayuly (Akmola Region); 3rd place - Baltabay Zhahangir, coach Yeralin Aybat Meyrambekovich (Pavlodar Region).

Sumo 10*10: 1st place - Qalymzhan Nursultan, coach Abuhanov Diyar Qayirbolatuly (Atyrau Region); 2nd place - Kaztaev Kazbek, Bayan Qasiyet, coach Ayupov Askar Khamzaevich (Pavlodar Region); 3rd place - Sidorina Svetlana, Beisenov Daulet, coach Bolat Amanzhol (VKO).

The final championship partners included Alpamys School, Alash Hotel, Grand Alem Transport Company, Kazakhstan Nuclear Society Association, Kazakhstan Association of Automation and Robotics KAAR. In the regions, support was provided by the education departments of the regions, robotics schools such as Future IT Taldykorgan, Robopark Shymkent, Cyber Hub Astana, Teren Oi Atyrau, High Tech Uralsk, Smart Generation Kyzylorda, Aqtobe Robotics, and other institutions. Additionally, JasSpace Center, CTT Taraz, SUT Oskemen, Kostanay Polytechnic College, Karaganda Higher College "Bolashaq," Kokshetau Higher Kazakh Pedagogical College named after Zh. Musin, Petropavlovsk School-Lyceum No. 28, Darin-2 Shymkent, Bestamak Secondary School of Aktobe Region, West Kazakhstan Regional Specialized School-Lyceum-Boarding School named after S. Seifullin, South Kazakhstan State Pedagogical University, also supported the event.

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