ChatGPT CEVF 2024: Global Expansion of Kazakhstani IT Products

The venture forum in Almaty, CEVF, was compared by investors to the largest technology forum, Web Summit.

At the CEVF 2024 platform, speakers included Arsen Tomsky, founder of the unicorn company InDrive, Arkadiy Moreinis, founder of Fastfounder and entrepreneur/investor, Milan Reynarts, founder of the largest angel syndicate in Singapore, Kairat Akhmetov, co-founder of the IT group of companies Sergek Group, Asel Mashanova, founder of the network of companies Lulu Group, Metabody, and Metafarm, Roman Lavrentiev, COO of the first unicorn in Uzbekistan, UZUM, and other active investors from around the world.

"CEVF demonstrates the potential of Central Asia and Kazakhstan as centers of technological development and investment attractiveness. For Astana Hub, this event serves as an important indicator of the dynamics of growth and development of venture capital in the region. We are launching the Astana Hub Ventures venture fund, which will strengthen support for the export and global expansion of Kazakhstani IT products. The new fund will enable Kazakhstani startups to obtain financing and access international markets, accelerating their growth and development. Our task is not only to invest funds but also to provide mentorship and advisory support, leveraging the opportunities of our global partner network, so that startups can attract investments from foreign venture funds, scale, and compete successfully on the global stage", - noted Magzhan Madiyev, CEO of Astana Hub.

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