ClickUp is a new partner of the Astana Hub

As part of the Partner Resources program, Astana Hub is now partnering with a universal productivity platform - ClickUp,

 For Astana Hub residents, the ClickUp platform offers: 

-$3,000 in ClickUp credits for the corporate workspace. Credits expire after 12 months.


        -The company must have a maximum of series B financing

        -Shall not be more than five years old; 

        -Not a current ClickUp or Free Forever customer.

ClickUp is a workspace where teams come together to plan, organize, and collaborate using tasks, documents, chat, goals, boards, and more.

More than 800,000 teams are users of the platform. Among them are such prominent companies as Samsung, Stanley Security,, IBM, and Padres.

To apply for the program, you must fill out an application form by selecting ClickUp Resource.

The program is available to both Astana Hub members and members of our programs.

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