Notion for Startups became the 12th partner of Astana Hub

As part of the partnership, startups will be able to receive a free $1,000 loan that will enable them to use Notion's Net New Plus plan for a year.

To take advantage of the program, startups must meet the following criteria:

  • have a team of less than 100 people;
  • not be a current Notion customer;
  • not be a recipient of a loan or any other affiliate offer from Notion;

“Helping startups succeed is our shared goal with Notion for Startups. Today we are pleased to announce that the Notion team has approved our partnership request through the Partner Resources program we launched last year. I am sure cooperation will be beneficial for our IT community. Soon, we will announce another partnership with a well-known service among developers,” said Tanat Uskembayev, Director of the Corporate Innovation and Digital Competence Office of Astana Hub. 

Notion is a workspace that adapts to the needs of the user. Company tools help users set tasks, manage files, save documents, and set weekly agenda reminders, allowing users to organize their work.

Notion also launched the NotionAlpha update, where it will be possible to generate any type of content using artificial intelligence: make blog entries by writing only the title (Notion Al will fill in the rest); the agenda of the meeting, indicating the topic; list of pros and cons - the program will think over scenarios that may not have been considered initially.

Startups can apply for free access to the resources of Astana Hub partners here.

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