For the development of IT education in the country regions, a special coefficient was included in the algorithm of the Tech Orda program

Magzhan Madiyev, CEO of the international technopark for IT startups Astana Hub announced it during a briefing at the SCC. The "Tech Orda" program supports private IT schools and issues vouchers for citizens who want to become IT specialists.

The process consists of three stages. The first stage involves the selection and accreditation of school courses to participate in the program. This selection is carried out by an independent commission.

According to Magzhan Madiyev, 49 IT schools out of 70 schools that have applied for participation in the program were accredited in 2022. There are new 17 schools among them. At the same time, 34% are in the regions.

"The second stage determines the number of vouchers distributed for each course. It was done using the developed algorithm - a mathematical model to ensure the transparency of processes", - explained the speaker.

In this case, the basis for the algorithm for calculating the effectiveness of each IT school is indicators of the employment of graduates.

"To encourage  IT education development in the country region, the algorithm includes a special coefficient, distributing more vouchers to regional schools," said M. Madiyev. 

Within the framework of the received vouchers in the third step, the schools carried out the student selection by themselves. According to the results of received applications, the schools have got about 16 thousand applications from potential students wishing to study IT specialties within the program "Tech Orda".

"We selected 3068 students from all regions of Kazakhstan, aged between 18 and 45 years old, according to the allocated number of quotas for each school at the stage of the algorithm. These students are currently enrolled in 155 courses, the most sought-after of which in the Tech Orda program are Fullstack developer, Python, Java, Data analytics, UI/UX design," said the CEO of Astana Hub.

The average age of students is 25 y.o. 40% of them are women. In addition, 60% of students have no work experience or education in IT but they are interested in this area and want to work in it. By 2025, Tech Orda plans to train 20 thousand IT specialists of the highest level.

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