On February 16, over 300 teachers from 22 universities throughout the country began receiving training in blockchain technology

This training is part of a more extensive academic program launched by the Blockchain Center in partnership with Astana Hub and the Central Bank of Kazakhstan's subsidiary, the Center for Payment and Financial Technology Development.

In December 2022, the state's structural units and the cryptocurrency exchange Binance signed a memorandum of cooperation to develop educational materials on blockchain technology.

The training will last for 14 weeks and cover two main areas: blockchain engineering and compliance. The initiative will be introduced at 22 universities across the country in September 2023. University representatives and professors are actively involved in the program.

During the introductory session of the program on February 16th, instructors from the Blockchain Centre discussed the blockchain industry, the shortage of blockchain talent, and the concept behind the academic initiative. All of the instructors were present at the session. 

This educational initiative is the largest in the blockchain industry, and Kazakhstan is the first country to implement a model education program nationwide.

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Ну да, у нас же во всех других отраслях технологии уже налажены, а в блокчейн проседаем. Нехорошо