Experts discussed the future of the IT market in Kazakhstan with the arrival of new players

On June 14, a public talk was held in Almaty about what problems and development vector awaits the digital market in Kazakhstan and how it will be affected by the emergence of major players from Russia and the CIS. The discussion was attended by experts in the creation of digital products for large businesses in Russia and Central Asia.

The meeting was organized by red_mad_robot, one of the leading digital companies in Russia, which specializes in launching digital services, developing and training IT specialists, accelerating startups and mobile development. Over the past 3 years, red_mad_robot has developed several digital products for leading companies in Kazakhstan, including online accounting, live-commerce marketplace for the top 5 banks in the country. Since June 2022, red_mad_robot Central Asia has become a resident and partner of Astana Hub.

The event was attended by CEO of red_mad_robot Central Asia Agiis Konkabayeva, CEO of red_mad_robot group of companies Aleksey Makin, co-founder of red_mad_robot Central Asia and ex-managing director for small and micro business development of Alfa-Bank Kazakhstan Damir Kakiev, chief manager of the Astana Hub participant support office Zhansaya Kalybekova, and Executive Director of the First Credit Bureau Asem Nurgaliyeva. The discussion was moderated by Business FM CEO Rustam Maksutov.

According to Tadvisor, in 2022, the market in Kazakhstan is experiencing explosive market growth: it is estimated at more than $1.35 billion, large businesses are growing at 20% per year, salaries for IT specialists have grown by 40-60% in the last two years, and the number personnel increases by only 25-30%.

“Foreigners are showing great interest in Kazakhstan. We see an increase in non-residents in the Astana hub. For non-residents, an opportunity is provided in Kazakhstan, in turn, they bring knowledge, innovation, and increase competence to the local IT environment. As we understand, the red_mad_robot company has not only product development, but also a personnel education system, training within the company. Such experience will certainly be needed,” said Zhansaya Kalybekova, General Manager of the Astana Hub Participant Support Office.

The meeting participants agreed that it is possible to support the industry during a period of active growth by investing in the development of digital partnerships between customers and IT service providers, in supporting the startup environment through the exchange of experience between digital market experts and in providing IT specialists with up-to-date knowledge .

The experts also emphasized that the creation of a mixed community of local and international specialists would be the best buffer for the development of the personnel and IT market in Kazakhstan.

“Kazakhstan has a huge potential to make a breakthrough in digital transformation. IT specialists from Russia and the CIS, who are now actively working in the Kazakhstan market, will bring not only experience, but also the opportunity to build a modern digital ecosystem. Our company will actively invest in the training of local digital specialists, both programmers and UX designers, product managers, in addition, we have been training digital transformation leaders for several years and will soon launch a similar program in Kazakhstan. We have already met with universities in which 10,000 people study Internet specialties. This is the future backbone of the industry. We need to get them interested in staying and working here, not leaving for Europe or the USA. We are ready to contribute to the creation of comfortable conditions for IT enthusiasts,” says Alexey Makin, CEO of the red_mad_robot group of companies.

As representatives of red_mad_robot noted, the company has already agreed to cooperate with 5 largest universities in the country to conduct joint programs for training students in IT specialties. In addition, internships, meetups and participation in various activities of the professional community, which will be developed by red_mad_robot together with partners, will be available for all key IT professions.

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