Innovative methods of combating drug addiction were developed by the participants of AMANAT TECH

In collaboration with the international technopark Astana Hub, the youth wing of the AMANAT party, "Zhastar Rukhy," successfully conducted the national hackathon AMANAT TECH. Over 80 participants aged between 16 and 35 presented innovative approaches to combating drug addiction and the spread of narcotics as part of the project "Esirtkige zhol zhoq".

As is known, the Head of State Kassym-Jomart Tokayev pays special attention to enhancing the effectiveness of the fight against drug addiction and the narcotics business. "Today's platform discusses the problem of combating drugs, which is highly relevant in society. Projects will be presented as effective and optimal solutions. We decided to learn from the youth about various ways to combat drug addiction, as this problem is rapidly spreading among young people. Within AMANAT TECH, it is planned to expand the project's scale to cover all regions of Kazakhstan, obviously considering the participants' demands first," emphasized Eldar Zhumagaziyev, the party secretary.

AMANAT TECH participants presented a range of intellectual IT solutions, including specialized programs for tracking the distribution of drugs online. These technological tools can be used to intercept announcements of drug sales in online spaces and relay the relevant information to law enforcement agencies.

"This hackathon is an inspiring example of how innovative technologies can be successfully applied to solve pressing social issues. We are delighted to see how Kazakhstan's young minds are translating innovative ideas into solutions aimed at effectively combating drug addiction. The participants are not just creating projects; they are investing their inspiration into transforming society. We are confident that these projects will significantly contribute to creating a safe and caring society," said Dania Akhmetova, Managing Director of Astana Hub.

The total prize fund of the hackathon amounted to 4.4 million tenge, with 1.4 million tenge for first place, 1 million tenge for second, and 800 thousand tenge for third. Additionally, two nominations - Best Market Ready Solution and The Best Scaling Potential - were awarded, with prizes of 600 thousand tenge each.

The Futurista team emerged as the winner of the hackathon, developing the TuzyZhol application for drug rehabilitation. "The application provides 24/7 access to consultations with psychologists and social workers. After recovery, users can enroll in training courses and find employment through integration with the portal," shared Ulzhan Khamidolla, an 11th-grade student and member of the Futurista team.

The AntiTox team secured second place with their PharmaTrace project, aimed at reducing the sale of over-the-counter drugs. Third place was claimed by the Shalkyma team, presenting the Sheker Emes project - a system of bot assistants warning about drug-related activities.

In the Best Scaling Potential category, the IB Sila team triumphed with their Saqta project. They introduced a multifunctional system using software to identify drug sites, wearable bracelets, and VR-based educational lessons to combat drug abuse.

The "ACK" team, with their new method of combating online drug dealers - Qarauyl - was awarded the Best Market Ready Solution nomination. "We developed a program that 'spams' drug dealers' operators, blocking their traffic. While the Telegram administration considers the request to block this account, we prevent them from operating, as they cannot distinguish virtual customers from real ones," explained Valikhan Aiguzhin, a member of the "ACK" team.

Astana Hub expresses gratitude to all mentors, whose support was incredibly valuable to the hackathon participants. Hackathon mentors included: Yesen Azat, CEO of Yessen and Company; Alisher Omerbayev, tracker; Abylai Isin, Head of Marketing at MSSP.Global; Alisher Suyunzhanov, CEO of A-Labs; Medet Turin, cybersecurity expert at MSSP Global, CEO of Spectre Security Group, founder of 2600 Qazaqstan; Valeriya Tyo and Shokan Abilkhasimov - directors of Astana Hub offices; Mikhail Podgurskiy, founder of; Evgeniya Panasova, founder of VRDiver; Altai Orikbay, Team Lead at C&DC and RPA developer at A-Biz; and Demyan Yazovsky, co-founder of Code Union.

The jury, evaluating the participants' projects, included competent members like Yerkesh Kalykov, Deputy Head of the Anti-Narcotics Crime Department of the Astana Police Department; Dania Akhmetova, Managing Director of Astana Hub; blogger Yakov Fedorov; Aidana Kaskyrbeck, Director of the Blockchain Center; Sultan Allabergenov, Coordinator of AMANAT TECH; and Gulmarzhan Shaunaev, Director of the "Pravo" public fund.

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